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Certi W is a certification and inspection body. Certification is subject to supervision. Even the certification bodies are audited by the relevant authorities. Certi W takes all measures necessary to meet the requirements of independence, competence and impartiality. In this way ensures the reliability of its decisions.

Goals of Certi W

CEO of Certi W, conscious of the need to offer his clients a certification service designed to meet the expectations of all parties concerned and determined to obtain international recognition as an independent certification body, competent and responsible, has implemented and maintains active a management system to ISO / IEC 17021-1.

Certi W South Balkans is a branch of the parent company Certi W. This company covers the entire area of the south Balkans with certification activity for international standards ISO.

Why to get certified

Increased Credibility and Recognition

ISO certification is issued by International Organization for Standard and is accepted worldwide. Therefore, having ISO certification increases the value of your company against your competitors as well as increases your status among your clients.

Increased Revenues

Since your company is ISO certified, it means your quality has been testified. Therefore, you can use this as an advertising point and price your products accordingly. Having more quality products will also help you gain more customers.

Increased Customer Satisfaction:

Customers will know that your products and services will always have quality and that, they will work. They will know what to expect from you. Therefore, you will get less complaints and more satisfied customers.

Empowered Employees

ISO certification requires the training and development of your staff being maintained. Also, it provides the necessary tools for them to do their jobs such as procedures, instructions and metrics. As a result, your employees will be more knowledgeable of what they are doing and since they will keep getting trained, their careers will improve.

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